Joy Adamson with Penny
Joy Adamson with Penny

Joy’s Camp, Kenya

Shaba National Reserve is most definitely on the wild side of tourism. The area is private, hot, and visually stimulating on many levels. This is Kenya’s most exclusive game reserve, and is situated in the dry wilds of Northern Kenya. Joy’s Camp, named after author of Born Free and early conservationist, Joy Adamson, was where she released her beloved leopard, Penny. Their story has been immortalised in Joy’s last book, Queen of Shaba. These works and other memories of an extraordinary life are preserved in a small museum here.

The waterhole in front of camp is a magnet for Shaba’s elephant herds, buffalo and waterbuck, as well as the rare Northern endemics such as oryx, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra and lesser kudu. This area provides a unique opportunity to observe some of the most fascinating species on the continent. Lion, leopard and cheetah are regular visitors to the area around Joy’s Camp, and the birdlife is extremely varied – providing a vibrant natural soundtrack to your safari experience.

Joy’s is a stylish oasis, where nomadic Boran tribal detail is combined with modern safari chic. Cool, white tented-bedrooms look out over sumptuous views of Shaba National Reserve. This camp is a peaceful and romantic location; perfect for guests who are looking to experience varied wildlife at their doorstep, in a stunningly beautiful setting.

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